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Saf-T-Shield Collars have been the industry-standard for more than 45 years. Designed for long-term use in Hospitals and Clinics, Saf-T-Shield provides comfortable post-operative protection of the neck, chest, flank, tail, head area, plus ears, face, fore feet and legs. Saf-T-Shield is very effective for helping an animal overcome lick-bite and itch-scratch cycles, and is ideal when cropping ears or allowing topical medications to take full effect. Each KVP Saf-T-Shield Collar is made from tough, yet pliable polyethylene, so you can count on long-life toughness that provides necessary service with humane softness. Three rustproof, snap fasteners provide rapid, adjustable attachment for the most proper fit and function. This adds up to a lot less stress for patients and caregivers. KVP Saf-T-Shield Collars feature two layers of neck padding and are available in 11 sizes that cover puppies to Mastiffs.

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