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New Website Questions and Answers

Q - Can I use my old username and password from the old Concord website?    

 A  - Unfortunately no, you will have to set up a new one. please click here to sign up for a new online profile 

Q - Can I pre-pay my invoices now via credit card? 

A - yes Via Shopify payments (which processes almost every type of credit/debit card) and PayPal

Q - Do all purchases online have to be pre-paid? 

A - No, existing clients with a prior credit history can order online and request to be invoiced. This post-payment option is not available to sales outside of Canada, or to clients outside of the veterinary industry. If you have any questions regarding credit, please call our office 

Q - Can I pay for purchases made by phone or email on Concord's Website at my convenience?

A - yes, via the payment form option  (link). All you need is your Invoice number and clinic/individual name and you will be directed to PayPal, where you can pay via credit card 

Q - When executing an onlinepurchase, do I have theoption to pay later after being sent a statement? 

A - Yes, if you have an established history with Concord. To opt for net-30 days invoicing when making a purchase, click on the option "Invoice my Account" on the Payment page instead of "Pay by Credit Card". If you are an approved customer, we will ship the product with an invoice to be settled within 30 days. 


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