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Payment Options

Existing veterinary clients have a choice to settle online purchases when transacted or via net-30 invoicing. Online orders can be settled using Shopify Payments, which accepts most forms of credit cards and payment apps like Google/Apple Pay. For approved clients who prefer to settle their invoices via net-30 day invoicing, please click on "INVOICE MY ACCOUNT" when completing your purchase. We will ship the product with an enclosed invoice.

Important information regarding net-30 invoicing: This service is available only to clients who have an established credit history with Concord Surgical Supplies. All new clients must pay in advance through online ordering and should contact our office if you are interested in applying for net-30 day invoicing. We will not fulfill orders who request Invoicing who do not qualify as-per the qualifications mentioned above. Concord Surgical Supplies reserves the right to refuse credit. Non-veterinary industry purchases are welcome to use our website for prepaid purchases. If you have an outstanding invoice you would like to pay online, please click on this link 

Concord Clients who typically do not order online and prefer email or telephone can settle their invoice by clicking here which will direct you to a "payments" page. You will need to know the invoice number so the payment can be properly allocated. 

Prospective new veterinary clinics are recommended to contact our office in advance before entering online orders.

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