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Warranty and Product Returns

Returns Policy

  • Concord Surgical Supplies, Ltd offers a 30 day, return policy: Products must be returned to our office within 30 days of receipt of delivery in original packaging, undamaged, unused, and not autoclaved (if a surgical instrument). If your product arrives and has a factory defect within 30 days, we will replace it upon receipt of the defective item. Please refer to below to the manufacturer's warranty for issues within the specified warranty period and outside the 30 day return window. We reserve the right to refuse returns that violate our product return policy, if packaging and/or products is returned damaged, or has evidence of clinical use.  If you receive a shipment that that is damaged in transit, has errors, or missing items, please notify us immediately. Concord will file a claim with the courier if any deliveries are damaged. We will not accept return requests outside of the 30 day return window. Please mail returns to 2397 King George Blvd, box 45650, Surrey, BC, V4A 9N3

Manufacturers Warranty for Surgical and Dental instruments

  • Concord Surgical Supplies, Ltd instruments carry a limited, lifetime guarantee against defects in material and/or workmanship from the manufacturer.
  • Instruments damaged from use outside of their intended design voids the warranty. 
  • Proper instrument care guidelines must be adhered to 
  • Sterilization and care-related issues are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty
  • Instrument failure due to accidents, or normal wear and tear*, are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 
  • Warranty returns must be pre-qualified by our staff to be processed. We may ask to see digital photos of the instrument in question and may require the instrument to be returned for analysis
  • Please do not send warranty return instruments prior to contacting us in advance; instruments must be properly identified as a Concord product 
  • Concord Surgical Supplies will only accept warranty claims for instruments sold by Concord with the Concord label brand etched on it 
  • As a courtesy, please ensure that warranty returns are cleaned and sterilized.  
  • The manufacturer's warranty is limited to the repair and/or replacement of the defective instrument
Warranty for winged-tipped dental elevators and luxators 
  • Winged-tipped elevators and fine-tipped luxators cannot be used for tooth leverage/elevation under any circumstances, the fine tips are specifically designed to separate ligaments/tissue away from the tooth roots. These instruments will bend and break if used for tooth leverage/elevation and those that show evidence of use outside of the instrument design limitations are not eligible for warranty replacement.

Emasculator Warranty 
  • Large animal emasculators are covered under warranty for three years and must ALWAYS be completely disassembled and cleaned before autoclaving. It is also imperative to soak these instruments quickly after being exposed to blood. Failure to follow proper cleaning and autoclaving voids the warranty on this product 

* Normal Wear and Tear
  • is a typical life-cycle for a stainless steel surgical instruments. Some instrument designs do wear out over time; for example, needle drivers eventually wear in the jaws after lengthy use. Jaws that lose grip due to advanced age is not a material defect, it is considered wear and tear. Surgical scissors have a finite number of lifetime sharpenings before performance may decline. Please do not consider a dull scissor blade to be a material defect, they do require periodic sharpening to maintain peak- performance. If you have any questions about what constitutes a material defect versus wear & tear, please call our office for clarification. We do test every instrument prior to shipping, however, some defects are not detectable until the instrument is put through some autoclave cycles. Defective instruments rarely last a year and are fully warrantied 
The Liability of Concord Veterinary Supply is limited to the repair and/or replacement of the defective instrument.
Other product warranties:
  • WAHL Clippers -One year
  • Riester diagnostic products - Two years
  • Multifuction handpiece - One year
  • TPLO Saw - Two Years

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