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Diamond Bur Set - cutting

 Long lasting high quality diamond burs made in Germany.

This set is used for crown preparation. reshaping. occlusal reduction. access preparation. smoothing tooth structure and restoration materials. 

 FG=friction grip; L=long head. Long round taper: Gross reduction and shaping for crown preps. odontoplasty (reshaping of tooth and post entry). Modified bevel cylinder: Gross reduction and reshaping for crown preps. odontoplasty. post entry. bevels. margins and shoulders.Needle: More detailed crown prep. interproximal reduction and odontoplasty. Round: Osteoplasty. odontoplasty. endo access. pulpotomies. cavitites. de-epithelializing and abrading tissue. Round end taper: Gross reduction. shaping and odontoplasty of small teeth. 

Used with a high speed handpiece

Comes with aluminum auto-clavable bur block.

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