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Duplex Stethoscope, Stainless Steel - Riester,

MADE IN GERMANY -  Riester is one of the most popular, premium stethoscope brands in Europe (since 1948)

    • Duplex® is the high-grade Riester quality stethoscope with precision double chest-piece in stainless steel. The acoustic performance has been considerably improved.
    • Special membrane for perfect auscultation, 48 mm, with particularly flat and soft non-chill rims for improved adaptation on the skin.
    • Bell, 36 mm.
    • Overall length: 77 cm.
    • Duplex® is supplied with a pair of replacement ear-tips and a replacement membrane.
    • Matte chromium-plated binaural, which can be adjusted by turning. With external spring.
    • Soft, replaceable ear-tips with metal screw thread for comfortable and effective sealing of the external auditory canal.
    • Strong Y-tube made of PVC to shield against undesired stray sounds.
    • Latex-free. 

      2-year warranty
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