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Cold Pack

Includes all instruments shown/listed below (items can be substituted)
Instruments can be purchased separately but, the total cost would be $289(10% discount)
All Instruments are manufactured from German stainless steel
OEL-25-260 1 x Olsen Hegar Needle Holder, S/S 14 cm $65
OEL-07-103 1 x Scalpel Handle #3 $6
OEL-13-184 1 x Mayo Scissors, straight, 17 cm $30
OEL-15-330 1 x Adson Forceps, 1x2th, 12 cm $20
OEL-17-142 1 x Mosquito Forceps, curved 12 cm $33
DSL-50Z805B Steri Soaker germicide tray - deluxe $135

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