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General Veterinary Surgical Pack

19 piece instrument kit useful for most soft tissue surgical procedures. If you would like to substitute any instruments on this list, please let us know in the comments box or give us a call at 1-877-330-3335 - German Stainless steel surgical pack have a 10% discount compared to instruments purchases individually. Pack includes the following: Purchasing as a pack saves $65

  1. Olsen Hegar needle holder, 15cm, TC x 1
  2. #3 Scalpel handle x 1
  3. Mayo scissors, 17cm, straight  x 1
  4. Metzenbaum scissors, 18cm, curved  x 1
  5. Adson Brown Forceps 7:7 teeth 12cm x 1
  6. Snook's spay hook x 1 
  7. Rochester Carmalt Forceps, 16cm curved x 4
  8. Kelly Haemostatic forceps, 14cm straight x 2
  9. Mosquito Haemostatic Forceps, 12cm, curved x 3
  10. Backhaus towel clamps, 10cm x 4


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