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Universal Locking System Drill Guides (V.I.D Screws only)

This specialized drill-guide can be used with any VID Locking Plate! It is not compatible with any other system. The combination drill guide's unique design maximizes the efficiency of drilling by eliminating the need to line up and screw in threaded drill guides. Simply align the corners of the drill guide with the notches of the universal locking screw hole to establish a stable connection. You have a choice to use the straight end of the guide for perpendicular insertion or the funneled end of the guide to aim up to 15 degrees from the axis in the 360-degree direction. Your VID locking screw will lock in naturally.
Use the 2.7mm guide with a 2.0mm drill bit for the following screws:

  • 2.7mm VID locking screws
  • 2.7mm AO/ASIF self-tapping cortical screws
  • 4.0mm cancellous screws

  • Key Benefits
    • Star-Shaped Quick-Connect Mechanism
    • 30° Polyaxial Screw Insertion
    • Monoaxial Screw Insertion
    • Compatible with all VID Locking Plates
    • Allows the use of a 2.0mm Drill Bit for Locking and Non-Locking Screws
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