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Otoscope, Riester - E-scope

Otoscope with German manufacture!

  • Riester 2111-202 Otoscope AA Handle with F.O. 2.5V XL, or 3.7V LED Black, in Case, E-Scope

    E-scope otoscopes use reflection-reduced optics and LED technology that results in more efficient diagnosis and reduced maintenance costs. e-scope otoscopes are available with fiber-optics or direct Illumination.

    • Fibre-optics with 2.5 V Xenon (3.200 K) or innovative 3.7 V LED (5.500 K) illumination
    • Even field of illumination
    • Suitable for pneumatic tests
    • 3x magnifying pivoting lens
    • Includes reusable ear-specula (5 x 2,5mm, 5 x 4mm)
    • Made in Germany; Two-year warranty


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