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Riester Ri-scope LED Otoscope & XL Bulb Ophthalmoscope

Premium, Riester Ri-scope diagnostic product line for use in ENT and ophthalmology, stands for highest quality and user friendliness. Re-scope handles are powered by rechargeable batteries. Unsurpassed German quality available for a price at Concord much lower than an equivalent Welch Allen unit!. Set comes with 10 disposable specula, and case. LED Bulb are good for 10,000 hours, XL bulb is long lasting and the set comes with a spare. Come complete with re-chargeable lithium-ion batteries 

  • Ophthalmoscope "L2" Head, 3.5V XL Illumination with Diopter Wheel of 29 Corrective Lenses, Easy to Operate Aperture Hand-Wheel (Semi-Circle, Small/Medium/Large Circle, Fixation Star, and Slit), Filter Wheel For All Apertures (Symbol Display, Red-Free Filter, Blue Filter and Polarization Filter), Aspherical Condenser Lens, Parallel Beam Path (Coaxial), Dust-Proof with a rheotronic® Electronic Switch for Automatic Switch-Off (after 120 seconds), Riester ri-scope® L
  • Otoscope "L2" Head, Fiber-Optic 3.5V LED Illumination for Optimal Beaming and Transmission of Light, Bi-Directional Swiveling, Sealing Optical Glass with 3-Fold Magnification, Suitable for Pneumatics Tests 

    Full 2 year manufacturer's warranty
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