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Steri-Soaker Germicide Tray

The Steri Soaker is a large, efficient, high-volume germicide tray designed for maximum use of chemicals to clean/disinfect/sterilize instruments. Designed for easy cleaning and is large enough to accommodate Zirc Steri Containers, Cassettes, Bur Blocks and Bur Guard.


  • Calendar on lid conveniently reminds staff when to change the solution: use color code rings to mark dates
  • Transfer basket's ribbed and perforated design allows quick drain-off and easy pick-up of instruments
  • Holds 1 gallon of liquid: fill lines shown in quarts and liters - Safe to use chemicals: (enzymes, detergents)/ disinfectants (phenols)/cold sterilants for glutaraldehyde and chlorines
  • Hinges fitted cover
  • Dimensions: 34cm x 24cm x 13cm
  • Contains Antimicrobial Protection
  • Surface Disinfect, Washer-disinfect 
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