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TPLO Universal plate 2mm - Non Locking

  • 316LVS Stainless Steel
  • The most practical TPLO plate design for the small dog.
  • Bone fragment compression is supported at a 30 degree angle.
  • There is no need to store left and right plates because of the symmetrical design.
  • The limited contact design improves periosteal circulation.
  • The space-saving design helps to place the plate against jig pins for more ideal positioning and better fitting on smaller fragments. Ideal for Beagles, Cockers
  • Easy to contour while still strong for any 2.0mm application. Use it with 12mm or 18mm blades
  • The low glare surface improves visibility in the operating theater and in addition researchers believe the matte surface supports low infection rates, improves recolonization of the plate by the tissue cells before bacterial colonization
  • Length=28.0mm
  • Width at Stem=8.5mm
  • Width at Neck=4.0mm
  • Width at Head=8.5mm
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