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Universal TPLO Plate, 3.5mm - Broad

For dogs between 90 -130 pounds
 This plate is the extension of the very popular 3.5mm 30-degree compression, Universal TPLO plate. This plate was intended to be used in the larger than 90 lbs dogs TPLO surgery. The design was based on the 3.5 mm 30 degree compression Universal TPLO plate with elongating the stem,, adding one more screw hole and a 4th screw to the head portion. The top screw can be directed away from the joint when the plate is contoured to the tibia.  The heavy plate is providing extra stability right where you need it. This stronger plate is outfitted with a limited contact back to improve periosteal circulation and a popular matte finish for reducing bacterial colonization. 

Made in the EU at ISO-certified facilities in premium 316LV, low carbon, premium stainless steel
  • Length = 78.0mm
  • Width at Stem = 12.0mm
  • Width at Neck = 8.5mm
  • Width at Head = 20.0mm
  • Thickness = 3.9mm
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