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V.I.D Locking Mini TPLO Plate, 3.5mm, Pre-Contoured

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery
  • The VID Locking Pre-Contoured Plate takes advantage of the quick connect snap-on drill guide and allows the same drill bit to be used between locking and non-locking screws.
    Increase Strength on the Fly by Increasing Screw Size
  • Rescue Stripped Bone by Increasing Screw Size
  • Utilize the Single Thread Monoaxial Locking Mechanism
  • Angle Away From the Joint with Polyaxial Insertion

Maximize Efficiency with Better Drill Guides & Less Instrumentation

2.7/.3.5mm pre-contoured plate has 6 locking holes but can also accommodate non-locking screws 


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